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Jake, him love that funky music. #

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Crazy Dog Originally uploaded by John Le Fucker.

HAHA!!! he was a crazy dog, so much energy in such a small package. He once nearly died on a lake of ice. When we took him for walks in the Welsh hills he would chase sheep and we would run after him (farmers would shoot him if they wanted to). One time he set off after a sheep around a barn, when we ran around the corner there was Jake nose to nose with the (shaking) sheep. HAHA!! for all of his killer wolf instinct to chase sheep when he caught one he just stood looking at it, got to love him (: The sheep's leg just gave out under it and it sort of lay down, we just burst out laughing. One time we were walking through Rock Park and Jake came bounding out of a bush with a wallet in his mouth. Helen and me just looked at each other and pounced forwards shouting at Jake to drop it. We were scraping each other tooth and nail to get at it, Jake just looked at us. HAHA!!! the wallet was empty.