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Fast (CLI) posting to twitter with cURL and identi.ca #

i got sick of not having a fast way to post to twitter. Twitter, it seems, doesn't like external programs posting anymore. i used to use Pwytter Portable but that seemed to have died. There is Echofon but that stopped working with twitter a while back and they didn't fix it for months, also it's a Firefox addon and the less things to slow down firefox the better.

i'm a bit of a joiner and when the micro-blogging thing was taking off i made an identi.ca account. It's just like twitter, maybe better, it's just twitter was the one to take off.

It is dead easy to add a twitter account in the identi.ca settings, so anything posted on identi.ca is cross posted to your twitter account, cool.

The reason i'm going on about identi.ca is i found this. You used to be able to post to twitter from all sorts of places but as they want you on the site (so they can advertise at you), they put a stop to most of them.

Make an identi.ca account, link it to your twitter account, get cURL (i used: Win32 7.23.1 binary SSL enabled Dirk Paehl), stick it in a folder:

Make post.cmd:

@echo off

color 0a

set /P tweet=Tweet what:

curl -u YourIdenticaUsername:YourIdenticaPassword -d status="%tweet%" http://identi.ca/api/statuses/update.xml


As you can see, a simple batch file. The /P in

set /P tweet=Tweet what:

opens a prompt window:

assigning what you type in to tweet, it's then posted in: status="%tweet%"

Don't forget to change YourIdenticaUsername:YourIdenticaPassword to your identi.ca username and password.

It's fast, you don't have to open a browser, log on to any web-site or any of that crap. You have a thought, click the shortcut (linked to post.cmd), type what you want, press enter and BOOM! it's done, it takes seconds.

It's quick and dirty but i like it (:

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