fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

on your knees to the city #

[14 days later the boy got a reply, a big city has lots of thing to do and speaks very slowly, it was happy the boy was polite and de]2

now on this day the boy struck a strange friendship with a nervous man who was far to lonely for this to matter

i’m sitin’ on your statue but the man who made it would rather talk to me
i’m sitin’ on you statue do i make it look untidy.
Do you know how it made me feel that look you gave me, how can you do it, humans don’t want to be like this we are born to a greater understanding. Only then can you do those things you want to.
Last night i had a dick in my mouth for the first time, it wasn’t that great and maybe i won’t do it again. Could it be i’m not gay, i wanted it to happen so much.

Woke up on this day, wanted to sleep the whole day, anything that happens today London wanted it to happen? what could London want with me today i wonder, has he got something bad in mind, only time will tell but if fills me with a longing to get on and find out what is going to happen. It feels like it will be good. But then it always feels like it will be good. Is that only my own fort out matter. It hard sometimes to be positive when you get woken up and kicked out of your temp home. this time you could find for contemplation and maybe you could find a better way to do what you do. Only with love can you find a way to be good N true to your heart. As they walk past see them as only wanting love and now you could maybe like them if that is actually get 1 you could never find a better way. Fuck this i’m doing bad and i don’t know a better way. Now i feel i may die. Could that i was a bottle. When a boy is lost he feels fear but is not fear good for you now you will have your time but for now you only have to believe it will happen and you can feel it, you’ll be ok, only “keep the faith”. Do what you must.

Could you ever beg off someone with leopard print clothing? i doubt it as say she likes to look rich. “Spare some change” thy is day get better now after i got an “Aright son how it goin’”. Could that he knew. Now you can find it in the dark corners of the place you used to live in, where do you live now. On your own on a street with no love to help you find a better way. Only when you are diein’ will you feel loved and only at the price of your faith. On all things like this you can depend only if you look rich can you be rich. And only then if you act the part. But the part of a human with lots of paper associated with them is a silly part, yes but if you want to live in a human world you must conform to what they expect. love is the only thing you don’t want to use. to many people in this place and not enough of the beautiful types who know how you can do what you do for their an understanding of the spirit of human connection all the others have left and as only on their way to death. Now you can see what you want to see. See how they run, See how they run. They can’t see this as good life. No maybe they win cause they play the game so well. Fight for what you want only then can you truly say you were happy. Finding out what you are is easy just looking into the eyes of a beggar. We perform a service for you in which you can see your true form. this man has major problems, don’t know, think they are fear. Just finding out about what you are could kill the very core you have been protecting

All your life. i’m sorry but you have a good face. you have an enemy and it not me. i think i is yourself and what you think when you look at me, is there any chance you are going to see me, when i die how can i let you know it’s about s happen?