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you are human, no thing you do is wrong

New Orleans #

click for biggerLet them loot, let them use the fucking food before it rots. Bush, he's no Mayor Giuliani is he.

New Orleans - flyover (the day after it happened)

The Interdictor - top blog (directNIC tries to keep the comms network up)

PostSecret #

<rave>Every now and again in the existence of this earth there come a perfect synergy betwixt humanity and technology. PostSecret is such a form, a beautiful web-site (blog) where a human can anonymously “post” it's secrets for the world to see (very interesting reading). A simple idea that seems to get right to the inside of what it’s like to be human.
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Created by bad-boy artist Frank Warren as an art project to begin with, he got such a response, he set up PostSecret. Not always a look into the dark side. some of them are very funny.
some more here.
Here be the observer article.

I like the way it’s not a e-mail project and you have to send actual post-cards, makes it all the more human somehow. I sent:
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take a look inside yourself (you know where to look) and get those post-cards off to Maryland.</rave>

The SUN #

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The SUN Originally uploaded by John Le Fucker.

goodbye to you, i have to go
more love and beauty i'll never know
and if one day i do return
i'll stand and watch your beauty burn

Turkish #

I was eating a Turkish Delight sitting on the toilet, in the bathroom of my bed-sit, in the MARR on Camden Street in Camden Town in the Borough of Camden in London in the Thames Valley in the south of England in Great Britain in Europe in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth in a Solar System of The Milky Way Galaxy in the Universe in... and I had a thought....... this is a silly place to eat a Turkish Delight.

brolly envy #

I’ve observed a new class system, BIG BROLLY, little brolly. I’ve found a few posh brolly’s in London. The one that does is the most is a nice blue and white “Peter Harris Ltd” one, it’s the Mercedes-Benz logo that do it. I really do see men’s eyes look down when they see it (*psss* it’s not even very good quality). You know what they say about Big brolly’s ---- little willy’s… LOL

Do I get it, course I do, When see a double wired, triple stitched, muti-spocked number… oooooh yeah!!

Do you know I love going brollying, all the fools off the streets, feeling nice and cosy under your brolly (better if it’s not to cold). Anyway got to go, it’s raining now, got to show them “who’s the man”. (:

stuff i'v found on the streets of London #

i'm a bit of a "skip-rat", when i pass a skip i have to dive in and see if there any goodies in there, the good people of London chuck out the coolist stuff:
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product:smartbase mp370
location:somers town, next to the british library
description:scanner, photo printer, memory card readed, this bad-boy does everything.
status:works fine
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product:toshiba Satellite Pro 440 CDT
location:manchester street, by madame tussauds
description:ahhh i know it's a kak laptop but for free it's not a kick in the teeth, got usb, infrared, pcmcia ii, found with it's power supply, nice.
status:works fine (had no floppy but i got 1 for £7)
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product:DAEWOO DVG-6000D
location:right outside me house in a suitcase
description:very hackable dvd player, if you upgrade the firmware it will play dvd's from any region, looked in the menu, already been upgraded, nice. plays mp3 cds, (:
status:works fine (with remote)
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product:Plantronics M1000
location:gough street, out back of itn
description:bluetooth headset, nice and light, looks way cool, (:
status:works fine
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product:Chieftec Scorpio TX-10BLD
location:gough street, out back of itn
description:very sexy pc case.
status:works fine
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product:Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro
location:goodge street & cubitt street
description:i'v found 2 of these very cool keyboards. 2 built in usb ports, press 1 botton to shutdown the pc, nice.
status:works fine
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product:sherwood newcastle r-525
location:great james street
description:fookin' loud, fookin' ACE, loads of inputs and outputs, the remote died after a week (odd), but it's works fookin' nice, a sexy piece of 5.1 kit
status:works fine (remote died though)
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product:VXI P41TR
location:gough street, out back of itn
description:very nice headset, perfect for skype and m$ word, very good sound.
status:works fine
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product:Iomega Jaz 2GB external (scsi)
location:charlotte mews
description:i know it's scsi but i'v found loads of scsi cards. May sell this though as they is shit.
status:works fine
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product:VIA EPIA Mini-ITX mainboard
location:just over the road from me house
description:HAHA!! the orignal Mini-ITX motherboard, not much bigger than a stick of 168 pin memory. i'v got to put it in something stupid. (:
status:works fine
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product:Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 8 (40GB)
location:found with the moterboard above
description:very slim in height HD, perfect for squeezing into something silly.
status:works fine
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product:Seagate’s Barracuda 7200 (80gb+40gb)
location:stephen mews
description:man when i found these 2 it was a hot day, both of them were hooooot when i picked them up but thay designed to run hot so they work "cool".
status:works fine (what i'm using right now)
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product:Yamaha PSS-580
location:mecklenburgh street
description:ahhh a nice little midi keyboard, plays some tunes. made me happy when i found this. (:
status:works fine

the great London barrier #

<rant> What is happening in London today, barriers to the left, railings to the right, they just will not stop building crap to put in your way. London's old, surely it's built now, leave it the fuck alone. </rant>

human #

are humans born innocent ?