fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

New Orleans #

click for biggerLet them loot, let them use the fucking food before it rots. Bush, he's no Mayor Giuliani is he.

New Orleans - flyover (the day after it happened)

The Interdictor - top blog (directNIC tries to keep the comms network up)

Authority #

Just what is it and how can 1 human have it over another ?
As far as I can tell authority is just a threat of violence (there are more of them than there is of me), when a police person assumes authority over you what they are in affect doing is informing you that they have a lot of human who think like they do behind them and if you don’t conform to their way of thinking they will call upon those likeminded humans and use violence to have you conform.

On the other hand is society an offer of defence against those that would wish the harm you? If you do not conform to our way of thinking we will take away our defence of you, which in a twisted sort of way is a threat of violence.

There really are only two laws you “have” to follow:
You are born
You will die

Everything else, all the society “rules” it would seem don’t matter to anything but that society, if you believe the only thing that exists is society then I suppose you will be very happy.

I once formulated the quote:
“There are only two things that exist, me and nature”
of course I was including my body as part of that word nature

you are born in a “state of nature”, society is a game humans play before they die, all wars, killing, murders is just entertainment, if it wasn’t entertaining we would not do it.

If someone lays their hands on you, send them to the cemetery

i suppose the only thing with real authority over you is nature in that
you can't stop the rot of your cells

on god and authority
who watches the watchmen, I suppose a lot of peeps would say god (is god a self made authority figure) or do the watchmen use god to let the users know that they to are accountable to a higher authority (bush’s pro god stance is a bit sickening)

Muslims use god to kill , state they only answer to it, is it time humankind stop using religion.

nature is informed of evil #

the condition of my kitchen surfaces and my bathroom floor tells me i’m evil
the thoughts i think tells me i’m evil
the sores that appear on my lips tells me i’m evil
when i see a father and his daughter the thoughts i have tells me i’m evil
the joy i feel when i see the death of those who are not me tells me i’m evil
when i see a new born lamb and i want to destroy it’s innocence tells me i’m evil
when i see you hurt yourself the love i feel tells me i’m evil
the piss i slept in when i was homeless tells me i’m evil
when i love murder committed in the name of a human god tells me i’m evil
the yellow of my teeth tells me i’m evil
when i always pick the left way rather than right tells me i’m evil
when i love the yellow to red colours of the dead sheep’s bones in the hills of Wales tells me i’m evil
when i cannot recognize any human who has authority over me tells me i’m evil
when the skin on the back of my hand turns into that of a lizard tells me i’m evil
when i hear of the victim of a serial killer kept as a slave and i wish i had kept her tells me i’m evil
the smell from my feet tells me i’m evil
if disease was my child i would love it, it tells me i’m evil
my wish for you to be covered in a rash of cancer tells me i’m evil
my wish for you to understand the atrocities you are capable of tells me i’m evil
the rash around my genitals tells me i’m evil
i am a..... and it tells me i’m evil
because i understand what a rape opportunity it would be to be the king of angels tells me i’m evil
tells me i’m evil
tells me i’m evil

damage for the future #

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a picture of Helen Originally uploaded by John Le Fucker.

i've never seen eyes, in which i could die
i've never seen beauty that isn't a lie
and now when i die, i'm afraid i'm going to
i'll know i saw beauty, because i saw you.

On the wall of the toilet #

Things I wrote in the walls of the toilet when I was pissed… having a piss:

What is love but death of your choice

It’s getting very bad to be me

you're formed in fathers milk through mothers hole

I can see you, I’ve seen you all

Every day my shit gets blacker and blacker, 1 day I’m going to shit the Devils hidey-hole out of me anal passage

How low can i be ?

Sol 3 Pol. Human

The 1 is 1


Its all ripped apart

What bind have i known

Hello spot !……now your not

Does that mean death in my life?

Wane if you want to

Within the tales of life you are the 1 i hate

He rips the flesh up off my soul and furnish it with bags of coal

Drip your hip i know you care

The texture of the wall paper is in my eye

The 1 is in you

that’s funny as if i knew i needed a piss soon

If i am actually dead, why am i living this life?

If this is it then what now?

Words that mix they fix and trix, your mind is fucked and your mine

Hello child, of death you seek of mine you’ll be

Those who know

1 tick closer to death, thank you

die when you want to, without dreams, without love

my life is warped down to you

U can’t stop my fucking death, so why should i care bout your fucking life

Hello female why are you on the outside of my home?

All you contain is not in me

I have a funny feeling I’ve been here before

I’ll bring it all home

We got to in the air

It is just a little girl, just a little girl

Lust a human, just a human

Oh this beautiful life, to end in fear

I don’t think he cares anymore

I’ll be there

Blood is not my energy, it’s my death

Hello line are you feeling fine??

The blood can’t wait…

Hi Dee Hi Dee whore

Light oh light why are you on when it isn’t night?

I only ever want to move to you my friend

What born of life i live of death

Retune to Earth Software… (R(.T.)E.)

Indeed every day i see passion

Ring a ding a ring!!


you are sad little death obsessed blood monkeys

Buy me lots of bottles of wine and i’ll write with you forever

you the boss

My reality is not feeding well onto itself

Yes i said ITV news

Speed kills but it put a smile on your face when it does

your gong to die, wise 1 and you will never find the love you want

A fear so dreaded you wish you cud climb back into your mothers cunt and curl up to forget the world that was born in your EYES

If morals get in your way don’t use them

My see my love, you see my see, my love you see my,
The devils sortin’ me

Do you fear death or is it that you fear rotting to death

The first draft is usually the best

Fuck nature
Fuck nature
Fuck it to death

Every day i have to be on your earth

Out words, love is not love

Bird oh bird oh fly away, i love the day i love the way

I think the devils is following me, he forms my every sentence a can think

My blood comes out…

Rats feel love to

Nature and i want you dead

Lust and lust for you

If i would kill you i would

Black silk stockings

BASS it out for me man

Blood that drips

On nights i twist and then i fist for you to die i live only that…

1 day my life is over

your gate is that of death and only in your life can you know punishment for your strange mind

The odd 1 out is the 1 i don’t like

Blood leaks out of my arm

Its comin’ down great guns isn’t it?

Oh my blood

All humans must die

I didn’t go to the doctor

Oh it’s all bad

All the time

Must get from my wall love

I missed word my life is lost

I’m not fuckin’ human, i am nature

B on D i feel

what the fuck

fine fuckin mind i have

why do the bird tell me of such beautiful places like a drop of milk that missed the cup and now lies on the side

On your marks, Get set, Die

I eat the toast, i drink my tea, my existence is maintained but to what end?

Oh is the devil fucking in my soul?

Sometimes purity wears a face that makes you scream

I spilt my fuckin drink

But what is a 1 apart from you ? Meeks shall be fortitude.

I’m a strange lad… (:

PostSecret #

<rave>Every now and again in the existence of this earth there come a perfect synergy betwixt humanity and technology. PostSecret is such a form, a beautiful web-site (blog) where a human can anonymously “post” it's secrets for the world to see (very interesting reading). A simple idea that seems to get right to the inside of what it’s like to be human.
click for bigger
Created by bad-boy artist Frank Warren as an art project to begin with, he got such a response, he set up PostSecret. Not always a look into the dark side. some of them are very funny.
some more here.
Here be the observer article.

I like the way it’s not a e-mail project and you have to send actual post-cards, makes it all the more human somehow. I sent:
click for bigger
take a look inside yourself (you know where to look) and get those post-cards off to Maryland.</rave>

The SUN #

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The SUN Originally uploaded by John Le Fucker.

goodbye to you, i have to go
more love and beauty i'll never know
and if one day i do return
i'll stand and watch your beauty burn

the web-site of Robert Booth Hudson #

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Robert Booth Hudson the web-site of:

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Turkish #

I was eating a Turkish Delight sitting on the toilet, in the bathroom of my bed-sit, in the MARR on Camden Street in Camden Town in the Borough of Camden in London in the Thames Valley in the south of England in Great Britain in Europe in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth in a Solar System of The Milky Way Galaxy in the Universe in... and I had a thought....... this is a silly place to eat a Turkish Delight.

serial killers, seagulls and the homeless #

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Hungerford Bridge Originally uploaded by John Le Fucker.

Hungerford Bridge London, 3am, a beautiful place.

brolly envy #

I’ve observed a new class system, BIG BROLLY, little brolly. I’ve found a few posh brolly’s in London. The one that does is the most is a nice blue and white “Peter Harris Ltd” one, it’s the Mercedes-Benz logo that do it. I really do see men’s eyes look down when they see it (*psss* it’s not even very good quality). You know what they say about Big brolly’s ---- little willy’s… LOL

Do I get it, course I do, When see a double wired, triple stitched, muti-spocked number… oooooh yeah!!

Do you know I love going brollying, all the fools off the streets, feeling nice and cosy under your brolly (better if it’s not to cold). Anyway got to go, it’s raining now, got to show them “who’s the man”. (:

stuff i'v found on the streets of London #

i'm a bit of a "skip-rat", when i pass a skip i have to dive in and see if there any goodies in there, the good people of London chuck out the coolist stuff:
click for bigger
product:smartbase mp370
location:somers town, next to the british library
description:scanner, photo printer, memory card readed, this bad-boy does everything.
status:works fine
click for bigger
product:toshiba Satellite Pro 440 CDT
location:manchester street, by madame tussauds
description:ahhh i know it's a kak laptop but for free it's not a kick in the teeth, got usb, infrared, pcmcia ii, found with it's power supply, nice.
status:works fine (had no floppy but i got 1 for £7)
click for bigger
product:DAEWOO DVG-6000D
location:right outside me house in a suitcase
description:very hackable dvd player, if you upgrade the firmware it will play dvd's from any region, looked in the menu, already been upgraded, nice. plays mp3 cds, (:
status:works fine (with remote)
click for bigger
product:Plantronics M1000
location:gough street, out back of itn
description:bluetooth headset, nice and light, looks way cool, (:
status:works fine
click for bigger
product:Chieftec Scorpio TX-10BLD
location:gough street, out back of itn
description:very sexy pc case.
status:works fine
click for bigger
product:Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro
location:goodge street & cubitt street
description:i'v found 2 of these very cool keyboards. 2 built in usb ports, press 1 botton to shutdown the pc, nice.
status:works fine
click for bigger
product:sherwood newcastle r-525
location:great james street
description:fookin' loud, fookin' ACE, loads of inputs and outputs, the remote died after a week (odd), but it's works fookin' nice, a sexy piece of 5.1 kit
status:works fine (remote died though)
click for bigger
product:VXI P41TR
location:gough street, out back of itn
description:very nice headset, perfect for skype and m$ word, very good sound.
status:works fine
click for bigger
product:Iomega Jaz 2GB external (scsi)
location:charlotte mews
description:i know it's scsi but i'v found loads of scsi cards. May sell this though as they is shit.
status:works fine
click for bigger
product:VIA EPIA Mini-ITX mainboard
location:just over the road from me house
description:HAHA!! the orignal Mini-ITX motherboard, not much bigger than a stick of 168 pin memory. i'v got to put it in something stupid. (:
status:works fine
click for bigger
product:Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 8 (40GB)
location:found with the moterboard above
description:very slim in height HD, perfect for squeezing into something silly.
status:works fine
click for bigger
product:Seagate’s Barracuda 7200 (80gb+40gb)
location:stephen mews
description:man when i found these 2 it was a hot day, both of them were hooooot when i picked them up but thay designed to run hot so they work "cool".
status:works fine (what i'm using right now)
click for bigger
product:Yamaha PSS-580
location:mecklenburgh street
description:ahhh a nice little midi keyboard, plays some tunes. made me happy when i found this. (:
status:works fine

blogger for word #

<rave> Fuckin' genius mate, I can’t recommend it enough. When I set up this blog went on the net to search for Word plugin blogger ms word couldn’t find it anywhere then one day on the blogger front page “Blogger for Word” <homer>doh!</homer>

Link to “blogger for word” on the right in me links section.

Installed and a toolbar appears in word:
Blogger Setting: slam in your username and password
Open Post: edit posts already posted, fookin’ nice
Publish: errr publish posts

If ya wana add any weird html (the rant and rave tags I put in here) that would blow up word I suggest Blogger Setting / “Preview html before sending” and you can paste the html in there before sending, safe (:
links in word not to bad. Select the word / right click / hyperlink / paste in the address / press ok. bit slower than typing out a link but unless all the text is links it’s not that bad.

However many people dis M$, word is pretty fucking cool, I like the look up thingy. Everybody know how good word is, it sets the standard, Full stop. </rave>

waiting for a trigger #

<rant> I have give up on the ways of humans a long time ago. I am going to leave this place. I don’t like pain that much so I decided to just get a flat in London and drink myself to death. I don’t get in anybody’s way, nice a quietly leaving this place. But noo they can’t even fucking let you do that, they have to force you into the presence of humans, have to make you mix I really do detest human, I can’t stand looking at them, listening to all the crap they think is so shocking. There are no nice humans.

You deserve molesting as a child, raping as a pensioner and in-between you deserve cancer

click for biggerNow you would thing someone who believes that would go on a killing spree, take up serial killing, killing just for the fun of it, just to see the faces of the dying, the pleading for life. But no, I don’t I find I little flat and slowly kill myself, I don’t harm anyone, I’m quite a nice chap really. (:

societies little fear of people on their own. I don’t like you society, I don’t like 1 single bit of you.

I worked it out what the gov is doing 5 minutes from the end of the bottom feeders course, on the second day we were threatened with a similar course that would last for 6 week not 2 weeks. I observed the receptionist from “bottom feeder” saying hi to some people from the building next door and they ignored her, not giving her the time of day. That is where the 6 week course is, they put it in the same Holloway ghetto, I have to say that pretty clever I bet after 2 days on the 6 week course everyone gets a job.

Not me though, if they send my on the 6 week course I have decided to stop being unemployed and take up a new career of stabbing, killing and a robbing as a way to procure my suicide weapon of choice. Pushed. </rant>

landing #

“Hey! does anyone know where it went?” asked New York.
“i have it” said London.
“what’s it doing”
“nothing it’s just hovering over Soho”
“does anyone know where it came from?” asked Paris
“well”, said Tokyo “Moon told me Jupiter said it shot pass it 5 minutes ago”
“moved fast didn’t it…”

“dragon sleeps,,, dragon, dragon sleep… what,,, hiss… why have you awoken me
London?…what do you want???
Have we had this before?
My what a wet day NATURE has given us today….

Where do they come from
From beyond galaxy 3000000000
“From the highest number the people can conceive” said Sun
What is that number?
Why eternity +1 of course.
This is getting scary, oh shit, we don’t want to have to talk to NATURE.
We might have to give in and ask it.
But if we give in we lose the people, henge is nearly gone, pyramid is already gone
We have to give in sometime…
We don’t have to like it…
I’m sacred, its so big..

They are landing, fast now onto Centrepoint. In only one moment they are to be in me. What shall i give them in a message way? If i watch the blood point i can no longer give them thoughts in witch they can be used. They leak now into Soho and the power of that place shall be their only refuse. The BASS response is shit.

Entering into Soho with the freedom to kill what ever you do want, everyone in Soho is free to kill, it’s the right given to you when you enter into that place. Its nether mind in my opinion. They make themselves small, Romanian child prostitute small. They move down the street at smack-head speed. Find a kill, waiting for a killing.

a little deviantart story #

well i made friends with the very nice elleXOX from Australia. One day she posted a journal called Zero Tolerance about how !puremyth got banned for complaning in his journal about a racist attack on elleXOX., Who, When, What was all this about ??

i told elleXOX not get to annoyed by the peeps on dA, 90% of them are cunts and you can't let them get to you. In her repley to me she let slip the perpretator of the racism (i think she wanted to let the name slip, HEHE!!). So who was this nice little racist... =DieTotePuppe.

Poped over to see =DieTotePuppe, see if i could cause any... trouble. (: Not much there, but wait a link to her web-site (this is hopeful). Web-site just a blank page with BRB in the center (not like that now, more on that later). View source, no links there so back to her dA user-page. Hang on a second she got a web-cam pic on her user-page. Now you can link to pix on dA to the web-cam pic but it's easier to link to a pic on your own site. So Firefox / right-click on web-cam pic / copy image location, what do you know a link to a folder on her web-site. Poped over there and it's got pix in, so super quick downloaded everything in that folder... HEHE!!

Now what do we have here, well just some pix of her poseing but hold the fort here is a pic of her with her tits out, another of her being homophobic, 2 pix of her desktop (with her IP address and here real name, Nikky) and a screenshot from a racist, homophobic web-site she frequents (even her user-name on that site, oh this girl is soooo owned). Hmmmmm what to do, what to do ?? i had lots of naughty thoughts but ended up making this, Genius!!

Next day =DieTotePuppe's web-site and her journal just said "i quit" (changed now, thinks she's back, hmmm), i think this, oooops i ment =DieTotePuppe didn't like the internet that day, feeling a bit bitten on the hand by the big nasty web, HEHE!! elleXOX and !puremyth happy... (:

Bottom feeders #

<rant> I suppose when you are on the dole for a long time the gov can see that survive on “no money at all” and that you can do what you want in the day they get annoyed and start to send you on all these “new deal” courses to give you an idea of the misery of the people around you, can't have the people happy.

I am on such a course at the moment with a company called Kennedy Scott, a company who’s soul reason to exist seem to be to feed off the misery of the unemployed i.e. bottom feeders. Who would choose to work in such a company ?

The most miserable dregs of society and this company is there to inflict more misery.Oh and the people there, inbred, gangster wannabes, football queers. Fuck in hell man you should hear the things they say, they are so fuckin’ dumb. If they had to live individually they’d be dead in a week. There are only 3 topics of conversation, 3 fuckin’ topics in their heads:

(1) Football (this footballer is better than that footballer, oh how I wish I was him)

(2) Big Brother (I know you will find this hard to believe but there really are human on the earth who talk to each other about Big Brother, maybe the Muslims have got it right and we should wipe out every fucking human on the planet)

(3) Gangbanging (you fuckin’ know. Drugs this, nigger that, he killed him, I did this to that human. They are just born, rob a few people maybe kill some people, regrettably they spawn then they die and it starts all over with their kids. Rob this kill that fuck this. Born Spawn Kill Die, Born Spawn Kill Die, Born Spawn Kill Die, Born Spawn Kill Die, Born Spawn Kill Die, I really need to get hold of a big gun go in and kill all these fucking humans)

Sit down in front of 1 of them and say “tell me something” and if their brain even manages to understand what you just said I guarantee the first thing out of their mouths will be something pertaining the those 3 topics, Fuckin' guarantee it mate. </rant>

the great London barrier #

<rant> What is happening in London today, barriers to the left, railings to the right, they just will not stop building crap to put in your way. London's old, surely it's built now, leave it the fuck alone. </rant>

human #

are humans born innocent ?