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PostSecret #

<rave>Every now and again in the existence of this earth there come a perfect synergy betwixt humanity and technology. PostSecret is such a form, a beautiful web-site (blog) where a human can anonymously “post” it's secrets for the world to see (very interesting reading). A simple idea that seems to get right to the inside of what it’s like to be human.
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Created by bad-boy artist Frank Warren as an art project to begin with, he got such a response, he set up PostSecret. Not always a look into the dark side. some of them are very funny.
some more here.
Here be the observer article.

I like the way it’s not a e-mail project and you have to send actual post-cards, makes it all the more human somehow. I sent:
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take a look inside yourself (you know where to look) and get those post-cards off to Maryland.</rave>