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SSH into RasPi2 without a WiFi network (sort of). #

I use a TP-LINK TL-MR3020, an awesome little travel router (also used for the PirateBox/LibraryBox projects). The MR3020 is also powered by USB so as you can see you can just use one USB wall-plug (or a portable power solution, maybe solar).
This is good because you can SSH into you RasPi without relying on a WiFi network, i.e., out in the field doing a time-lapse. The MR3020 is an AP which you can just connect to with a tablet or laptop, connect it to your RasPi via the ethernet cable and SSH into it.
Connect to the MR3020 with your laptop and browse to, the name/password are admin/admin (of course you will change this). Here you can change the name of the AP if you want.
A useful thing to do is assign you RasPi a fixed IP when connected to the MR3020.

  • Connect the RasPi to the MR3020 via the ethernet cable.
  • Connect and login to the MR3020 with your laptop (over WiFi).
  • Click DHCP on the left then Attached Devices.
  • Copy the Mac-Address of your RasPi.
  • Click Reserved Addresses then Add.
  • Paste in the Mac-Address and give you RasPi an IP (something like

This way when you SSH into your RasPi you will have an easy to remember IP.
I use JuiceSSH on my NVIDIA SHIELD to SSH in (ConnectBot is a free app).