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you are human, no thing you do is wrong

The patron saint of cyclists #

I must look like I know a lot about bikes (push-bikes) because yesterday as I was pushing me bike alone the canal side (I sometimes like to get of and just walk) this lady rode along and stopped in front of me and, well… just talked to me straight away asking me if I know why her bike was making a noise. She said “do you know why the wheel makes a tsh, tsh, tsh sound as you ride along”. Well you know a bit of a warp in her wheel causing it to bang against the rim. The strange thing was I just started to explained that to her as if she was a friend I’d known for years, funny. I told her the brake-pad would ware down eventually and not to worry, “really she said”. “Yes” and she rode away. (:

Once just a couple of 100 yards from me house I was walking back from the shop to mine and there across the road was a lady with a push-bike looking most distressed, I’m a big ugly looking bugga but a have a soft voice so I when over and asked “what’s up”. HEHE!! I properly said “excuse me madam, are you OK?”.
Anyway 1 of the nice humans of London had stolen her “quick release leavers” from 1 of her wheels (basically the bolt at the middle of the wheel that holds it on).
Well I live on a housing estate at the end of the corridor (so if you walked passed my flat you’d hit a brick wall) so I “own” the bit of corridor in front of me flat witch I have filled with “junk”. Mostly bike parts, whenever I find a bike bit in the London I bring it home and throw in my “shed”. I must have about *hang on I’ll go count* 22 wheels, most with the bolt this girl needed so I told her to wait and I’d go and get her one. HAHA!! When I came back she was sitting on the floor looking all dejected. Fitted the bolt for her (a nice shiny blue anodized 1), shook hands and she was on her way, feeling a bit happier about London.

Every time I see a bike locked to a lamp-post that has fallen down I stop, go over and stand it up. I wouldn’t like to come back to my bike and find it on the floor. Kids would probably stand on the spokes or it would get in the way of prams.

We gott’a stick together.