fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

i don't know what it means #

i got woke up on Christmas day by a wasp buzzing in my ear, then walking on my hand. i don't know why a wasp would wake me up on Christmas day, i don't know what it means.


On Now #

Let me write of my state... i do not belong to your society now (i have not for a long time). i stand on the edge of a State of Nature. This in this place push me, i will go up soon. It is impossible in the world of humans to be left alone dying. Thing conspire to put me in your world, i found a place and now it is taken. no more. i do not move again. now i take, i take what you have, what i need. i become feral, instinct moving. Need/red/take/move.

This blog may end soon, other if it all sorts out but you may only see me when i can get to a logging on situation in a house i am using.


a flame to burn #

i have acquired a target and by the passing i will become.