fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

the rain #

Dreams are dreamt and forms make wake way for deals, when life was good I could be the one to talk to but now the rind grinds on the rain I have felt and I no longer can rent you love

skin is nature #

there are only two things that exist...
me and nature

Look what i did... #

i wanna take video on the streets of London but i don't really wanna walk down the street with me cam all held up (dodge areas you know). So shirt pocket, crappy little Digi-Cam, hmmmmm:

i've got one of those attachments for me cam so i cam attach wide, long lenses. i wouldn't wanna put any weird pressure on those retractable lenses so the attachment will protect against that

it fits nice:

now just sew the ends of the cut (stop um from ripping more):

bit blured but you get the idea:

all done now, i may use my "Super Secret Video Shirt" for this. Little vid test:
(watch out the volume is high)

little frog i found on the way back from shopping, when i saw it jumped (strange reaction)
frog Originally uploaded by John Le Fucker.
what is this little fellow doing in the middle Camden Town ?

. #

a funny thing happened on the way to death...

The Dev #

that's Hurty (: