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My Dad's Dead Man #

i was recently forced into the company of humans for a while. This place is mandatory attendance for the unemployed and i had to sign in. Most times in front of the signing in book there was an unemployed person standing there trying to figure out how to write their name. i would wait patiently.

One day there was a man standing in front of the book, leaning on it, talking to the receptionist, he wasn't signing in. When i want a member of the human race to pay attention to those around it and maybe move aside so other human can pass, i ask politely, in not a loud voice but by no means a low voice, "excuse me". i never put aggression into it or weakness, i am simply asking a human to move aside for a moment in a firm but polite voice.

As this man wasn't signing in i said "Excuse me Sir", at that he raised the volume of his voice at the bit in his sentence where he said "...my father died" turning to look at me. Lighting fast the thought flashed into my mind *Good, then he can't breed any more retards like you*. i couldn't help but smile at this thought my brain had come up with and he said, "What are you laughing at?". He hadn't turned his body or anything, it was impotent rage. Thinking his dead dad gave him the power of entitlement. i just kept on smiling, didn't even look at him. Signed in (he had moved at this point, he actually moved straight away) smiling all the time and walked away to get coffee.

i promises you there was no aggression in my voice or anything, i can make "Excuse me Sir" sound friendly but disinterested.

Later in the day i thought of a new superhero called "My Dad's Dead Man", his superpower, his dad died that day. Bank robbers holding hostages, police standoff, flying in he would land in front of the bank, cape flappin', and shout to the robbers, "MY DAD DIED TODAY, YOU MUST COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!". Drug deal gone wrong, machine guns blazing from both sides of a warehouse, he would land in the middle, both sides stop and like WTF? "MY DAD'S DEAD, YOU MUST GIVE YOURSELVES UP!".

Hell is other people - Sartre


+1 individual Blogger posts #

i did it, with help from WEBADO over at Google Webmaster Central.

Put this code in your byline:

<g:plusone size="small" count="false" href="<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>"></g:plusone>

Put this code just before the close body tag, i originally put it in my head tag but that didn't seem to work:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js">
{lang: 'en-GB'}

Now your readers can +1 individual posts, pretty cool (:

EDIT: Silly me, forgot to put a link the the make your +1 button page.