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<geek> As you can see all my “blog bling” has gone from the right hand side… or has it ?? well there is a crap button and pressing that will bring them all back, clever ah !! when I started this blog I wanted just a nice elegant txt blog, no distractions and well I got a bit obsessed with sidebar toys, I was looking at peoples sidebar toys instead of their blogs, stooped. So I hid um, that felt good. How did I do it ? Well if ya click on the crap button you will see that all the buttons have a border around them. Well that’s just a table with 1 cell and that 1 cell has a border and all the buttons are inside that. So I just put the table in a div and gave it a id (of course I called it crap HEHE!!):
<div id=”crap”>

All the buttons and crap go here…

Here’s the javascript:
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

function flip(id){
if(document.getElementById){var el=document.getElementById(id);
el.style.display=(el.style.display=='inline') ? 'none':'inline';}

Now the link to toggle the div display:
<a onclick="flip('crap')" href="#SideBar_Crap_Display">CRAP</a>
I found you have to press the crap button twice to get it to work if you have not already set the div state. So in your CSS put the line:
Easy. By the way hope you like the new styles, I like the green and black 1 (all matrix like) looks nicer if ye got the old OCR A Extended installed on ya PC. (: </geek>