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There’s something bad in Somers Town #

<funny> HAHA!! More funny, just been for a bike ride and a saw a moped pizza delivery lad… walking, His moped must have been nicked. Walking down the street, pizza “hot bag” in hand, thunder face, he’s having a bad night. I think a moped gets nicked every 1000th of a second in the London.

He was coming from the direction of the Somers Town Estate, OH NO!! it’s such a dodge estate (when the gov brought in curfews for teenagers in London this is the first place they did it). The kidz put ropes across the roads and pull them up at cyclists and rob them, I ride through there all the time and I always keep an eye out for rope on the road (I’m a crazy looking fucker though and that may help, HEHE!!). This is a Somers Town Estate story…
A guy gets a taxi from Euston Station (just next door to the estate) and the taxi driver takes him into Somers Town, robs him and kicks him out on the estate. The guy, all shook up, flags down a car full of “kidz” for help (his second mistake) and they get out with baseball bats and beat the crap out of him, talk bout a bad day…. AHHHH! Life in the big smoke (: </funny>