fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

brolly envy #

I’ve observed a new class system, BIG BROLLY, little brolly. I’ve found a few posh brolly’s in London. The one that does is the most is a nice blue and white “Peter Harris Ltd” one, it’s the Mercedes-Benz logo that do it. I really do see men’s eyes look down when they see it (*psss* it’s not even very good quality). You know what they say about Big brolly’s ---- little willy’s… LOL

Do I get it, course I do, When see a double wired, triple stitched, muti-spocked number… oooooh yeah!!

Do you know I love going brollying, all the fools off the streets, feeling nice and cosy under your brolly (better if it’s not to cold). Anyway got to go, it’s raining now, got to show them “who’s the man”. (: