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OK del.icio.us #

What can i say, del.icio.us just gets better. It is officially one of the most useful sites online.

i love BlogRolling (a permanent link list for ya blog), on a site you want to add a link to from ya blog. Just click the blogroll shortcut and press "Add Link" then OK and it's added, well easy.

i thought there must be something on the net that will let you add your del.icio.us bookmarks to ya blog. i searched the net for a third party del.icio.us/blogger tool. What do ya know, del.icio.us have a very tool to put ya del.icio.us links on ya web-site/blog. It's called linkrolls, a little script you put in ya web-site/blog template and ya latest del.icio.us links are there in ya blog, how fucking cool is that ?

It sort of gives ya readers a insight into where you are at the moment, what you are looking at and where ya head is at. Go and look in me sidebar and below me blogroll you'll find my 50 latest links (i could change it to my 100 latest links or my 1257 latest links, whatever).

i urge everyone on the net to get a del.icio.us account, they seem to have done it perfect (: