fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

London made me do it #

i had a funny day today, nothing weird just things conspired to make me happy (: i woke up from a dream of a place that i seem to have entirely created (i'v dreamt of it a few times). A beach with explory rocks/caves on the right end and a seaside village at the other end. It's always sunny and the sea is aqua. i think it's based on Borth, but Borth is such a scrotum of a place i don't know how i got from there to it. I may have even been there. i even know all the land behind the beach (maybe i should write stories about it). Anyway i woke from this with a feeling i really should visit the sea and pigeons and a magpie that lives round our way (i saw him as a kid hanging round with pigeons, like learning how to get food and stuff) shouting at me to get out of bed and go somewhere, i when to get some bread. On the way back (just by me house) loads of seagulls were make a right ruckus, nice like (: Another sea reference. OK i got to go to the sea. The only sea we got round er' is the Thames, so off me pop:

On the way back, crossing the road by the Savoy, i saw a couple who seemed to be in the just got together/playing games time. Well he ran across the road, seeming to race her, she fanning annoyance. i saw this and it made me laff, she saw this and knew what i found funny and it made her burst out laffing. When she caught up with her B-friend she turned round and beamed me a massive cheese grin.

So that was my mission today, to make this stranger smile. I don't know why London wanted the lady to laff but i don't care, i just do what London tells me (: