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Firefox+del.icio.us+Foxylicious=happy #

i have multiple PCs in my place (Windows PCs, Linux PCs, an Apple and a Laptop) they all have Firefox on um. When i back-up my bookmarks with Firefox on the different machines i start to get a lot of bookmarks.html files (bookmarks.html is the file Firefox creates so you can import them back into Firefox, maybe on another PC). Well this isn't good is it ? I think i'v found a nice way to keep all my bookmarks up to date on every machine with del.icio.us and some other tools.

Firefox (just put down that IE now)
a del.icio.us account (it's free)
the del.icio.us Firefox extension
the Foxylicious Firefox plugin (this is the good bit)
maybe del.icio.us loader initially (to get your bookmarks into del.icio.us)

This is my del.icio.us page. You can tag all your bookmarks with more than one tag but as you can see i only tag um with one tag, this is the clever bit. As you can also see i use "tag bundles" (click settings then under experimental). My "tag bundles" are: AV, art, bit, blog, fun, hard, info, etc, those will become the "folders" in my Firefox bookmarks (you'll see). It may take a bit of time if you already have a lot of bookmarks in del.icio.us to get them set up with just one tag each and in tag bundles, i just got drunk and did it watchin' telly. Everything done and installed Foxylicious.

Foxylicious is under the "Tools..." menu. Just put ya username and password in and use the settings below. Then just click "Update Bookmarks". Now it may seem like it's doing nothing, just give it a bit of time... a bit more... then it should work and all your bookmarks are imported from del.icio.us, nice.

Foxylicious can be a bit "odd" about what it imports, some of the tags may be missing when you import. As a tag can belong to more than one tag bundle i made a tag bundle called "missing" and added them to that and what do ya know, it imported them. Bit buggy but it worked, i then just "Manage Bookmarks..." in Firefox, move the missing tags to where they should be and delete the missing folder.

this is what i end up with:

you can see how the bookmark "folder" hierarchy relates to my del.icio.us hierarchy, easy.

i don't even bother saving my bookmarks into Firefox (Ctrl+D) anymore. i just click the tag button:

and when you type the first letter of one of ya tags a little "auto complete" menu pops down, it's so easy. Now i know all me bookmarks are safe and i can import um any time i want thanks to the very useful Foxylicious (i love that pic of the fox), enjoy.