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20 useful web accounts (in no particular order) #

flickr is a site to share your photos online. You can also post photos to your blog from flickr. If you have a Yahoo account, you already have a flickr account as you can login using your Yahoo username and password.

YouTube is a site to share your videos online. When you upload a video you get some code so you can embed the video in your blog or web-site.

del.icio.us is a site to store all your bookmarks/favorites online. A very nice tool is Foxylicious which lets you import your del.icio.us bookmarks into Firefox.

blogger is a site you can post your thoughts to (an online diary). Pictures, video, text can all be posted on your blog. Basically it can be your very own web-site.

skype is a program you install on your computer to make free "phone calls" over the internet to other skype users. Pay a bit of cash and you can use "SkypeOut" to call real (offline) phones.

MySpace is a site for... who knows what MySpace is for. Everyone seems to hate MySpace, but everyone seems to have an account.

With your Google account you have access to alot of Google goodies, GMail, Google Maps (Google maps on your site), Google Pages (make a basic web-site) and loads more useful stuff.

Frappr is a site to put you on the map, basically it lets everyone know where you live. Lots of web-sites have a "put yourself on our Frappr Map" button to let them know where you are.

eBay is a site that lets you sell your stuff online.

PayPal is a site that lets you make and receive secure payments over the internet. Works well with eBay.

deviantART is an online art community which lets you share your artwork online with others.

Wikipedia the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. If there isn't a entry on a subject you know about, you just make one. How nice is that.

Technorati is a site that searches blogs, get yourself an account so your blog is included.

Newsvine is a site to read, write, and discuss the news. Think you've got a news story, go here and post it.

FeedBurner is a site that sorts out all your RSS feed, be it for your blog or your podcast.

box.net is like an online 1GB hard-disk, so you can get to your files from anywhere in the world.

BlogRolling is a one-stop linklist manager for your blog or journal. On a site you wnat to add a shortcut to on your blog, just click on the button on your Firefox toolbar and in the popup window just add the link, easy.

Blue Security software helps you aggressively fight spam.

30boxes is a nice and simple online calendar.

pando is a site that lets you send any size file to anyone, free!

get yours now (: