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Day 3 ~ Tate Modern (wot na pix) #

Videoblogging Week 2006

HAHA near the end a security guard came up to me and told me (all polite like) to stop filming, he was OK, then this other security guard (plain clothes, maybe he was head of security) came over and (trying to sound mean) said "NO PHOTOGRAPHY", i just burst out laffin'. What was he going to do, Art me to death.

Me mem-card ran out just at the top of the escalator (where all the painting are), but that was OK, it won't spoil it for when you go to the Tate (: It was while i was lookin' at the paintings that a guard spotted "Shirt Cam" and radioed to all the others, and it wasn't even filming. You did get to see "Rachel Whiteread's white boxes" which was nice. OK that's the "dangerous" one over with (i was hunted down the whole time), tomorrow i'll get back to nice things.

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