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The Cheese is gone #

Me mate Grezza's dog Cheesie is no more, daughter of Hiccup, sister of Grunge and Skinz (my doggie). Cheesie was a nervios little beautiful dog, one time she just went into the corner of the room and staired at us shaking, funny. Here be some pix:

cheesie pic 1
HAHA!! that's Cheesie being all cute, look at those ears (:

cheesie pic 1
Grezza and Cheesie, Chin up lad

cheesie pic 1
this is one-eyed Grunge (Hurty's dog), Brother to Cheese

cheesie pic 1
Skinz (my little doggy) Sister to Cheese, looks like shes been bad, HEHE!!

cheesie pic 5
Skinz and yes that is me

Happy now with her mam Hiccup... ):

*Update* just heard that Merlin, brother to the Cheese died a few weeks ago. Merlin was the biggist of the Hiccup Clan (we all suspected that Hiccup went with many chaps as her clan was all different shapes and sizes, she was a good looking lass was Hiccup).