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On the move again #

OK if ya made it here you'll notice the new URL above, why did i do this ?
well i didn't do it to be annoying, really (: It's just that i got an email the other day from UK2 saying my account is about to run out. I bought a domain name (fuckcunttwat) and web-space (2.5gb, that's way to much) from them back when i had a credit card. Anyway my credit card well dead HEHE! and this caught me unawares (short of funds) so i will lose the web-space but if i can get £31 in me bank on Monday i'l be able to keep the domain name (fct) for a few years. Then i can just point it at any web-site i want, think i'll point it here. When i get some web-space (google may be doing this for free soon, fuck yeah!!) i'll just upload me site and point fct at that. Anyway because this is a blogger blog i had the option to host it free on blogspot.com, the only reason i hosted it on me site was (apart from the cool domain name) was to get rid of the blogger toolbar along the top but i've found that if ye put this:
between ya style tags that is taken care of. You may also note that the "style swicher" buttons next to the comment links have gone, this is becausee they used external style sheets which (you guessed it) were on me web-space. Also my feeds still work as i use FeedBurner and when ya stie moves ye just login to FeedBurner and point ya feed at the new URL, how cool is that. Well i'm still on the net and i'm sure some web-space will pop up soon.