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Meet the Net #

Well i had a mad day. The other week i got an e-mail from the always nice SCHRmm tellin' me to get over to The Foundry today (Feb 28) as she was opening a project there today. Very cool stuff...

Not For Sale
The brand chooses you. SCHRmm explained it to me like say everyone wanted Nike but you could only have um if Nike choose you, cool grenades in this case. So pop over to The Foundry and on the stairs you will find a post-box with some cards, put on the card why you think you should get a grenade and if SCHRmm thinks you deserve one, you'll get one  (she likes my nice blog so i may be in there LOL). SCHRmm is then going to make a book from all the cards, top idea.

Anyway that's the plug (: i had been filming this all day and as i was filming it i was freezing but excited (i mean it was a pancake race in the middle of London) so i didn't think of warping up and i got a cold / hot head / whatever. So I bit ill I thought I better go to lend support and all that (I was invited after all). Tube journey, Old Street, found The Foundry (had been looking for it all day as I was filming the pancake race, couldn’t find it but found well quick this time). Outside and was a bit wiggy (I was even gonna go back home, silly) so I just put me hood up (hiding from the world thing, gotta love hoods).Went in and ask the barmaid where the person who is putting the NOT FOR SALE thing on was, she pointed SCHRmm out (well she pointed at a table full of girls with long hair and said “the girl with long hair” HEHE). I first went to sign a card, not gonna tell ya what I wrote coz it might not come true. Went back to introduce me self. Tapped the nearest gal on the shoulder and asked where SCHRmm was, she got her attention and I leaned over and said “hi, I’m johnie1”, I expected a strange look on her face, maybe backing away but no what I got was a massive smile (really made my week) and she pounced up and ran around her mate to come and get a hug (I like peeps who hug, you can tell a lot about a person from and hug). So here was I, a stranger from the net and yet I don’t think SCHRmm felt to odd. I think it’s the best way to meet people coz none of that looks perception thing goes on. You really can get to know someone through just their words, and it is funny meeting someone for the first time who sort of knows your life story. Anyhoo I didn’t stay long (wimp) but that was the first time I ever meet a “net” human (they do exist).

While there meet a nice gezza Jay and his girlfriend (forgot her name), she lived in Camden so me got the bus back with um and it turns out he frequents Squat Juice maybe I know everybody in London without realizing it.

Woke up today feeling better with a hangover, think I’ll go get some Camden Noodles.

So ladies and gentlemen don’t be to afraid of meeting net people, there are some “nice” people on the net to (: