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don't go online with Windows #

<geek> You may of heard of the “Windows MetaFile vulnerability” or not, well i’m gonna tell ya here.

OOOOH NELLY, it’s bad. Just viewing an any_File.wmf file (not clicking on it or anything) in Windows online can run code (any code) in that file. Even an any_File.wmf file with the name changed to any_File.jpg, Windows still knows it’s an any_File.wmf file. That’s not good is it…

OK Steve “Patron Saint of Windows” Gibson has done lots of work
Listen to mp3 (RIGHT-CLICK / Save Target As...):

The Windows MetaFile Backdoor? [4.8mb]

The Windows MetaFile (WMF) Vulnerability [3.3mb]

He has a cool little prog to test if ya PC is vulnerable:

KnockKnock.exe (RIGHT-CLICK / Save Target As...):

If it is go here:
and install the patch relevant to you, easy. </geek>