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Dial M for Site-Map #

<geek> Do you know if you press the m (or M) key on your keyboard on this page you will go to the site-map for me site, that’s quite cool init, here's how…

The JavaScript:
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

function keyfun(ev,loc1,loc2){

// firefox
var charCode=(navigator.appName=="Netscape")?ev.which:ev.keyCode
else if(charCode==109||charCode==77){location.href=''+loc2+''};

// IE
else if(window.event.keyCode==109||window.event.keyCode==77){location.href=''+loc2+''};


as you can see different code is needed for the different browsers, aint it always the was ): the 106 and 74 from this line:
cover the lower-case and higher-case j, see. I found this page here, very useful for getting the KeyCodes.

Then just put the onKeyPress line in the <body> tag:
<body onkeypress="keyfun(event,'http://www.fuckcunttwat.com/','http://www.fuckcunttwat.com/j1/map/')">
J takes ya to me front page and m to the site map. You could add as many as ye like by just adding more “else if”s to the JavaScript and the new location in the onKeyPress line. The JavaScript in this example is really designed to be external so pressing m on different pages takes you to different locations, handy ah. </geek>