fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

Welcome to the Internet #

Alo, Salut,
here are a few things to catch you up:

•  The Internet was invented by Al Gore

•  The King of the Internet is Tim Burners-Lee, the Queen is Lala (formerly Jenni)

•  Internet Truth #1: the fox will always outsmart the explorer

•  Laughing My Ass Off

•  When you need to find something, you can google it on yahoo or MSN

•  All knowledge, secrets, art, contraband and swearing live on the Internet

•  Shut The Fuck Up

•  If the Internet is ever attacked, it has it's own Star Kid defender

•  when you digg for news you should redd it and hope you never get slashdotted in ya boingboing

•  be right back

•  The Internet is no place for a bike ride

•  make sure you don't loose your base, or your frog

•  Laugh Out Loud

•  The Internet is so lovely, even the Hamster Dance, and the Baby, and the Badger, and the Banana, and Matt

•  Oh My God

•  You can watch all your favorite TV shows on Your Tube

•  Not Safe For Work

•  Spam is a great source of blood sport

•  Internet Truth #2: a sucker uses AOL every day

•  What The Fuck

•  A friend in need will add you if you take a second

•  Roll On Floor Laughing

•  The Internet is a nice place to spend a lazy Sunday

•  If thy religion offends thee, try another, or another

•  Read The Fucking Manual

•  Internet Truth #3: Keith and The Girl are funny, Adam Curry is not

•  The Internet has it's own Ninja advice service which will never flip out

•  Beware of Snakes on the Internet, Oh and goats(e) [NSFW]

enjoy yourself and don't clog up the tubes ;)