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i'm not one for looking into the past but i found two lost streets under the housing estate i live on (Curnock Street Estate). i was playing with a Google Earth overlay called Rumsey Historical Maps. This takes old maps and overlays them onto your Google Earth, warping them into the correct placement.

This is my housing estate in GEarth.

This is the map with the B.R. Davies 1843 London map overlay.

There you have it, Archer Street and Queen Street. i always thought there would be an old street under here called Curnock Street, seems logical.
It is a beautiful map, amazing detail. B.R. Davies seemed to working under the supervision of the "Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge", how cool is that name.

i wondered about those lost streets, the people who were born, grew up, and died calling them home. A few google searches later turned up A London Policeman's arrest book, funny. Of interest here is Henry Lealand of 50 Archer St fined £30 for Street Betting in 1920 and Alfred Pierce of 49 Queen St bound over for Frequenting Premises in 1920, seems Alfred was under 18 in a pub, made me smile.

i found few more references to the streets and i could of gone on searching but as i said, i am not really one for looking back. i suppose now those two streets are a little less lost because of this blog post (:

A quick guide to getting Rumsey Historical Maps enabled:

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