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FeedDemon is now free. #

WOW you lucky people (well windows users anyway), FeedDemon is now free, very cool. i have been using this RSS reader for ages now, it just does it's job, not built-in media player crap (i have many players). It comes in two parts, FeedDemon (this is the part that checks the feeds to see if there are any new posts/podcasts, you can read blog posts here but if you are downloading podcasts (this is what i use it the most for) it will open FeedStation (this is the downloading part). From FeedStation you can download, double-click on it there and it will open in your player, when watched you can delete it from here. You can press the "Mark all feeds read" button in FeedDemon and close it and FeedStation will continue with the downloading. It real is very simple and now it's free. You can find most of my feeds here.