fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

Give Up #

bricks are made in England
Originally uploaded by John Le Fucker.

The 2 screens go blank on my main PC (i have set it up that way) reflecting (from across to room at my bedside PC) the light (from above) on both screens, looking like 2 eyes looking at me. And asking what i want... to stop. People leak trough it into my dying wait (a moth in it's dying wait is offended by access to it's state).

These are just words that i find flow together well, you find your own assumption as to what they mean.


i am not a human, i am a watcher #

Deathbed Originally uploaded by John Le Fucker.

i am near death now, it's fingers creep through my eyes into my will and twist my body
i dwell on dreadful quiet, sticky sweet while nature feeds