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The Old Watch #

Half way up "Camden High Street" it is connected by "Pratt Street". i walk down "Pratt Street" to get to the shops and about a 2 years ago there was always an old red-faced Alcy (alcoholic) standing on the street, singing, talking to himself or shouting at passerbys. He was a friendly enuff sort, whenever i went by i usually said "ye al rite lad" and i usually got a "yeh yeh... *fade into gibberish*". Every day in the same place till one day he was there no longer, you know what happened. i sometime have a fear that this is what i will become, but hopeful, by then, i'll be out of the UK... Maybe an al drunk on Haiti. That was about 2 years ago and... Well another old drunk chap has appeared. In the same place. Odd, what is going on, why are old drunk men, at the end of their life, attracted to "Pratt Street" ? He's not beggin' (it's not a very good site for beggin' anyway), he just stands there the whole day drinking. Reminds me of the film Prince of Darkness, Alice Cooper and other "Gentlemen of the Street" are attracted to an old church in witch the devil is trapped.

The street parallel to "Camden High Street" is "Bayham Street" (intersected by "Pratt Street") on which this chap:

Charles Dickens

used the live with his Mom. He was always leaving magic around London and at the end of his life became quite mad.

Where "Pratt Street" connects "Camden High Street" it comes out the other side as "Delancey Street" and No.54 on this street used to be the residence of this chap:

Dylan Thomas

An alcoholic of some note. Could this be the cause of the attraction, an alcoholic ley line betwixt Dylan Thomas and Charles Dickens.

Maybe it is some kind of "if there's not an alcy on "Pratt Street" the world will end" type thing. Is the balance of the universe keep in harmony by this sentinel, a singin', dancein' guardian of equilibrium. i can't ask him so we will never know.

Goodbye old friends #

As of today (11/7/2006) Microsoft has stopped support for Microsoft Windows 98 (Second Edition) which is a sort of a death bell for the venerable old OS. i for one would like to wish a fond farewell to 98SE. i have used it for years (i still use it on an old laptop) and it was one of the best things MS ever did. But it is very much showing it's age now and i think everyone should (by hook or by crook) upgrade to XP. But it did it's job and (looked after properly) did it well. So Goodbye old mucker and thanks for all the headaces, fun, and exploration (:

*update* Syd Barrett's dead to, sniff! sad day ):

(; #

found this in London, made me smile :D

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