fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

Monkeys #

i liks this by Ernest Cline

Through the edge of the cloud #

Some things wrote in my notepad lately (usually in Regent's Park):
if when you dream you dream of me, i'll see you when you die

the limits of living with a human are unbound. i have a jacket that i wear to ward them away so i can do what i do on the way


The world don't mean anything to you, it's a mirror you look on

you have a beautiful body and face, are you funny ?

through the edge of the cloud

if it turns stormy all of a sudden

love only happens when you have the good manners to meet the right person
things i find in txt files on me desktop (usually after a drunken night):
i got an itch under the finger nail of my right thumb, it itched so bad.
i know bacteria lives in the in between of the nail and skin
this was infuriating.
i scraped the dirt out with the blade on my bottle opener but still the itch stayed
i scraped again... and again

flames, flames, flames, flames, fuckin' flames. i can not speak else i give into flames

johnie decided to run a knife into his chest to see what happened... He died, that's what happened

nothing is good, it is recorded in your pathetic little blog that nothing is good

fuckcunttwat is never more #

my web-space died.

Johnie1-websiteDied811.MPG [20 MB]

pod shite > pod door #

as my web-space is going to die soon (very soon) i've been on a bit of a scramble to get all me pages onto "free pages". Anyhoo i moved me audio podcast "pod shite" over to "pod door" (see name change, well the site is based on the Hal 9000 display). So the site is:
the RSS feed is (stick it in your aggregator):

6/6/6 #

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Mr Satan
Happy Birthday to you