fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

flamin' flippin' #

Flies are by me coz i am near to death. They fly by with no respect for the massive killing death machine i am to them. They smell death and know their job is at hand. The flies are coming now and i get lower.

Smell, it's all about smell. Cancer smells when it's time to invade. The soup of death you live in becomes a trigger to invade.

You could live forever if you fooled your body into believing you still loved living, that of course is impossible the longer you are in the presence of living.

i see angels but i don't see beauty.
i see angels i want to fuck but i never see beauty.
i feel rain like a drop on a bench.

Feed back unto, feed back unto... Pull you.
Wind blows a tree, it's fingers flick onto me.
My finger is ripped upon leaving the toilet.

(: #

on every tree, there sits a bird
on every bird, there sits a flea
on every flea, there is a word
and that word is... absurd