fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

There goes the neighborhood #

My street (Camden Street) is two along parallel from Camden High Street and it's (was) petty quiet. Well i noticed (being a bit pervy) that Camden Street was very male, never any good lookin' chicks, just al' men going to the pub. There are some lovely big Victorian office buildings just over the road from me. They have been empty till just recently, well... "Hugo Boss" and "French Connection" moved in so as you can imagine the fit bird ratio of Camden Street just went up (i'm thinking of spraying on the "French Connection" front door "i think the word you're looking for is FUCK"). i can't look oot me window now without seeing a top model or a well good lookin' receptionist, HAHA you know. Now let me just say this is a normal road, there are no shops, just houses and a few office buildings.

i was out front fixing a bike up (which look out into the estate) and i see this lady come along all gold sequins and a very, very short skirt. She sort of hid round a corner and took off her jacket (gold sequins), put it in her (gold sequins) bag then walked out into Camden Street shaking her stuff. This estate has always had drugs. At about 12 o'clock (smack o'clock) the estate is over run with smack-heads looking for their dealer, it is very funny. Now we got prostitution, YAY! Now i aint got nowt against working girls (when ya homeless, on the street, you look out for each other, well some of us), i just found it funny how "small business" follows "big business". Seems our little normal street is fast becoming the in place to be.