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you are human, no thing you do is wrong

things i do before i die #

i went to a friends wedding a few years ago and the biggest thing that struck me about it was the ritual of it. We all arrived at different time, standing around, you know chatting (i hadn't seen any of them for bout 7 years). i had some shoes that were to small for me so i took um off (yep i was at me mates wedding barefoot). The 2 friends that were getting married were Grezza & Ness and they had hired "Ness Gardens"

Grezza and Ness
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so it was all outdoors, nice like. It was just that when the actually ritual got started i noticed... like a cloud come over everyone. There was deffo some kind of "magic" in the air. Here is a pic of us, the witnesses to this ritual:

Grezza & Ness
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Neither Grezza or Ness believe in a god so religion played no part in this wedding. Back in the day the "leaders" just needed a way to control the "followers" and they spotted the human leaning towards rituals and religion was born. Religion is just a tool one uses to keep oneself in bread. No it was more a sense of Human magic. Like us quietly standing there witnessing this gave it a power in the world, like nature stopped to watch because we did.

What got me thinking about rituals is the case of "Zacarias Moussaoui", one of the chaps (who got caught) involved in the 9/11 attacks. It struck me why are they going through this court case, he admitted it. Put him in a room with all the relatives of the humans killed, give them all a wooden spoon and let them "have at him" until he is a pink pulp. That's what they want to do and yet there is this strange "ritual" of the "flight recorded box" tapes getting played, the questions, the playing back of the mobile fone calls to loved ones of the victims. What to fuck is this ritual for, i can see nothing that it is for. Just kill the cunt, that's what they wanna do. This way seem dishonest, as if having the ritual make it then OK to take his life. We kill, that is all we do.

i have always believed that human existence is built on a culture of death (we are the only species that knows we are going to die). i like to postulate that if you look around the room you are in now and say look at a... red cup or a poster on your wall, i can say (believe) with some certainty, that something had to die so that cup can be red. Somewhere in the manufacturing process a lifeform from this Earth had to die for the inks that make up that poster (paper=dead trees). Every single thing we do, something that when through the sheer "white hell" of birth has to die.

Just kill the cunt, kill him dead, rip him apart with your fucking hands. Yes we are going to die and yes we are killers, just get the fuck on with it.

We do rituals for the whole of our lives to keep our minds off the glaring specter, just off sight, of our own death. Is this court case part of the "entertainment" thing we do, we entertain our minds with laws, music, wars, societies, books, films and all the rest of the human crap to take our minds of our own fucking death. We are so obsessed with our death that it seeps into everything we do. "Little Death obsessed Blood Monkeys" killing, killing away. There really is no law and you can do what the fuck you want, but whatever you do, don't do it in the name of religion, don't do it in the name of society, just fucking do it. You were born a killer and you will die a killer, if you what to kill just "kill away", it is your birthright.