fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

wolf out #

i have only 1 recurring dream, that of running with a wolf pack. i know what it feels like to run on all 4s, to see the ground slid beneath you, whatever the terrain. i have only twice felt like a wolf in my waking hours. Walking on the bog at the back of Borth a lamb looked at me with that fear off human they have. i was offended and i wanted to climb over the bard-wire and rip it to shreds. i was offended that it should fear me. Why did it fear me? Where did it get it’s information? i’m a nice chap. i wanted to kill it to death for it’s innocence. How dare it not understand evil in the world. Only later did i realise that these little creatures live through the night outside in the country, only at night in the country do you hear the world tell of all the evils it contains. The second time i was doing flat roof for an old gent who used to work for the foreign office…….