fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

Who Be You ?? #

i find my instinct to survive a weakness, in it i can’t afford, least death, to be a smack-head, therefore the stage i must go though is missing. Why must this, which i am, survive, is not the way of the suicide more honest in its approach to life or could i be what i hate most? Who is it i talk to in this text, Why should i give a fuck what you, who are you to me that i write this, is it you i talk to, i have seen…No you have seen more than me, you in the time you are must be more than me and yet maybe just by the things in my mind i could be just more than you will ever hope in your mind you live in are to be. could i therefore ever… but i am weak. i find sometimes i can hate humanity to much, it is the bane of my life, in times like these i find i talk like a prick and my life i could not give what you…on i go again…