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the night of the hunter #

<review> I suppose it’s wouldn’t be to hard to make a “surreal” movie, just have a lot of characters with funny names doing silly things, see Lynch / Cronenberg. Like the monkeys who just rolled around on canvas in paint, slam it in an art-gallery and everyone calls it the next big thing. I watched Eraserhead, got bored. I like Tetsuo, that strange.

One film i really do like is “The Night of the Hunter”, now this is a strange film and i don’t even think it was meant to be. Directed by bad-boy Charles Laughton, this is the only film he directed. Maybe because he saw how fooked up this film was and didn’t want to make another one because he didn’t want humans to see what was inside his mind.
Serial killer (uses god to justify killing) finds out about hidden cash of a cell-mate, when he gets out goes to the wife and 2 kids. Moves in and tries to find out where the money is. I won’t say more as it’s not really about the story, it’s more about the style.
The Serial killer is played by Robert Mitchum (top chap, he purposed to his wife by asking her if she wanted to fart through silk for the rest of her life). Apparently Mr Laughton hates kids and Mr Mitchum had to direct the kids through most of the film (well kids can be twats to). There was a Richard Chamberlain remake, avoid at all costs.
When i used to take Acid in Liverpool i always liked the way it “kicked in”. To me it felt like i was doing backwards somersaults, lead by my mind. Like the Acid had grabbed the back of my head and started to flip me. There is a point in the film where, when i first saw it, my mind started to flip (yeah we know it’s not her singing). The film from that point gets really strange (damm i gotta watch that bit now…. Hang on… back now).
If you find this film in your way, watch it, it’s good (: </review>