fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

intimate friend #

Like a cancer, well what like a cancer. Cancer is a life all in itself, why is there no “save the cancer” campaign? It lives up to it’s full potential. It does what it was born to do, it doesn’t kill it’s own, just coz it feeds on the human we find it so abhorrent. Shouldn’t we admire its purity and purpose? Is there no more beautiful entity than that that fills it’s life with it’s full purpose? Can you find the fear to love cancer so much coz it spells your end and your relies from what i a mere human can give you, it gives you so much more. it must be your ultimate lover.
Do your body find out your sins and give you them back. Is that the cancer that eats its way through your body? It’s the closest thing you have to your greatest lover, can you ever take anyone else on, you are all consumed.