fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

how to eat grass #

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of the 37 years i have been on this Earth, of all the humans i have meet in that time with all their "personalities", their "Oh aren't they just such a character" shit.

This is the only human i really like and i can predict will ever like, the only one who i belive has a unique personality.

Every other human i have ever met sez the same thing over and over again, after so many years it gets a wee bit boring. i can predict to myself nearly everything i hear and will ever hear. a violent human is not interesting.

i actualy like being in her presence as she always suprises me how nice she is, to me anyway, the silly girl actually likes me (:
i saw her once over the other side of the road (she not seen me) and i shouted her and stratght away she shouted "HELLO" without seeing who it was. i was struck by the fact that it didn't matter who had shouted her, she just reciprocated. Anyone else would have looked around (maybe to see if they even wanted to say hello). People are funny.