fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

subdivide #

I can’t stand humans, I can’t stand being in the presence of humans. That’s why I live on the internet. I live in the UK and I am unemployed. I get dole (welfare) and I like it that way, I just want to stay in my flat and drink myself to death, I don’t harm anyone (I carry my neighbours shopping up the stairs for them) I’m quite nice really.

After a while the dole sends you on a soul destroying course in the hopes of depressing you back to work, I am on such a course at the moment. Well as mentioned before I detest being in the presences of humans and the only way I can see of procuring the drink with which I can do the job of my death is to start the stabbing, the killing and the robbing.

Should I:
  1. Try and last out the course like a proper society citizen
  2. Take up the stabbing, killing and robbing