fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

knob gag #

Here’s a nice flower for all the ladies (or the chaps of that persuasion). Is this what all the wars are about or is it just one big fuck-fest ? isn’t a war just one country fucking another…
knob gag
… random acts of violence are fun and that’s what they like to do to you. When you die you are judged by the amount of violence you have partaken in. A female that riles up a male into violence for fun is in danger of being raped by the ape she has used. Takako Konishi knew how the world will end, finding money is not what she wanted. Princess Misha'il bint Fahd bin Mohammad went by the dick, only if she had never used an ape. Clara Haber was a gasser.