fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

Kick the pregnant #

<mad> Just been to the shop and on the way is a dodge zebra-crossing right next to a left turn. Well everyone round here knows it’s dodgy and takes care to look every direction before crossing but what did a couple of “housing estate slappers” do. Push their prams out into the crossing, “that’ll stop the cars”. Well one car turning slammed on the breaks and another car (with a lovely big rottweiler type doggy in the back, gave me a smile (: ) nearly slammed into that, HAHA big shouts all around. Yep that’s the best way to stop a car, slam your first born into it. I’ve had it myself, bombing down a hill on me bike and some silly girl slams out her pram (not even at crossing most of the time). Well if I ran it over I would stop, go back and ride back and forth on her baby until it’s just a fuckin’ red smug on the road….. Arrrgh…. I’m OK now.

Another time just walking oot me door and this large Muslim lady slams her pram around me and blocks my way sort of trapping me in a triangle between her, her baby and the wall, WTF… she was trying to sell me some piece of crap shite ring, I dun know she bought it for 10p round the corner. Silly cow, I nearly decked her. I’ve seen her since “hassling” people on Camden High Street

Another Camden High Street regular is a smart looking black guy in a car. He sits by the side of the road with the window down and calls “suckers” over and starts some crap bout how he ordered this posh watch and they sent him two and would you (the sucker) like to buy the other one. He been doing it all the time I’ve lived in Camden. The first time I saw him was when he tried it on me. I was homeless at the time but I didn’t look it (didn’t have that homeless chic) and when I told him this ,after listening to his story, his face looked shocked, as if his “rich sucker radar” wasn’t working. Silly man, he’s been doing it for ages now. I thought he be rich now living on a island somewhere, but no I still see him. DUDE if ya scam aint makin’ you rich, stop doing it. </mad>