fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

bottom feeders 2 #

Well it seem it’s time again for me to mix with the humans. If you read bottom feeders 1 and waiting for a trigger you will know it’s time for the second course (Gov send you on these “New Deal” courses after a certain amount of time on the dole), not 6 weeks but 13. First day today and they give some fucking English and maths test, fuck off, I aint been in school for years and I aint bout to start doing tests. I just ticked any old box not even looking at the questions. The room… heater and one of those plugin air freshener, stuck in a room with a load of inbred dumb cunts and a horrible environment for 13 week. Maybe it’s time to take up stabbing, killing and robbing, at least it’s in the fresh air and I can work to my own hours. I think it’s really bad for you to have to shut down your brain all the time. It gets really bad listening to the dumb fucker talk, it saps the intelligence out of you. I’ll keep you posted of all the shit I see.