fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

some quotes of me #

i think therefore fuck off!

a moth in it's dying wait is offended by access to it's state.

Hey Kidz remember, if morals get in your way, don’t use them.

if the earth a body, then England be the brain tumour.

your dreams are made of this, they twist and then they twist.

you deserve molesting as a child, raping as a pensioner and in between you deserve cancer.

there are only two things that exist, me and nature.

Life’s slow in the fast lane!

Somewhere life is sweet.

A well placed truth is infinitely more fun than a lie.

A simple mind is far superior to a mind that judges it simple.

Fuck the kids.

i played it loud but i still didn’t understand ?

A girl is only as beautiful as her face.

evil is just entertainment for the ones who know they are going to die.

Please ignore my flesh, it does not represent the mind contained therein.

However much i drink i'm still on your fucking earth.

i'm a rich man trapped inside the body of a poor man.

those who fears being a slave have not the power to be a master.

Everything i see is just human upon human upon fucking human.

Happy love-song why don't you fuck, killing those upon you look...

And when your soul goes down and sleep, I’ll find your soul and eat to keep...

He rips the flesh up off my soul and furnish it with bags of coal..

your father gives it to your fucking mother and without your permission you are born.

you're either beautiful or you are a cunt.

Sometimes time doesn’t heal the wounds.

Some people have got to live with themselves till they die, what more terror could i offer.

How do you fly ? i fly with myself as the only company i can stand.

If you want the BASS turned down you are not alive.

In a world of love, they who have hate live best.

All the great people, how they live then they die ?


i found myself, i didn’t like it so i decided to fuck it.

There is no fuckin magic, when you die you die there’s no coming back, your gone.

Those who just get on with living are happy, those who suffer, they just suffer.

you are human therefore you are a cunt.

anybody who has net curtains in their house, should be raped hard with the small end of a snooker cue.

Coz YOU and all the PEOPLE who walk through YOUR door are just fucking gas.

Where love is failed only heat exists.

Girls like a wallet, boys like a gimp.

Have child, Apply TV...

The mixing of evil and love is the greatest drug.

when little children die only nature and i smile.

Tradition kills innovation.

Winners don’t caught taking drugs.

i am normal, i’m just weird.

The older i get the less guilty i become.

It's such a pretty bubble i live in. how ever bright they burn, the bullshit can’t burn me.

Do i luv thee ?, do i fuck.

Do not do something perfect, become perfect and do it naturally.

Go cool onto the world.

Speed kills but it put a smile on your face when it does.