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you are human, no thing you do is wrong

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I wrote this on a web-site to a girl I fell in love with:
There is a dead bird outside my window (only food now for the ants). It looks so out of place I got very drunk last night (white Rum and pink Grapefruit) I don’t know if I turned into a cat and killed it, such a beautiful bird…

Ahh most glorious Madam, you do exist, I was beginning to think I had created you from the ether as a focal point much like the candle flames are windows into the worlds next door. I got so giddy today that you are real I had to go for a bike ride along the canal from whence to Baker Street, my day was very much afoot. Then to the road that fears the May-day riots the most, the very beautiful TottenhamCourtRoad, when homeless the only road to put its arm’s around me, the cold concrete kiss.
Things today have conspired to make me happy I had to go and see the most beautiful Mrs Thames (eternal wife to Mr London), there is a fountain down there where I like to splash my feet, don’t know where the water comes from. I had my chat with her and home now the magpies called me, (but was the day over, was it fook…
You know the kind, 10 feet tall, big companies use them to throw away all the office furniture they don’t need anymore. While in there looking for PC parts (10 feet in the air) who should walk past but Mrs Taking a Life for a Walk, unbelievable. There she was Sax totting away, pushing her baby, this makes me so happy, wanted to bump into her for ages. From atop this 10 foot skip I shouted, “hey are you Taking a Life for a Walk”, “yes”.
“from Resonance Radio”, “yes”
“hello”…. I was on the best radio station in the world…. ACE!!She is a very beautiful human.
Black flowers in the graveyard, oasis in the city, crying windows, the city looks down on you…
Now home, on the way to get more Rum, Camden Town is hot with people and apparently Jesus is alive and he has a buffet for £5…. Safe.

The bird is still there but it don’t look out of place now.
That is the story of today, the morrows story is writ somewhere I can not see.

I’m happy you are real (?) maybe it’s enough to bring me back to life…

Till we clash again, johnie1..
she no love me anymore.