fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

waiting for a trigger #

<rant> I have give up on the ways of humans a long time ago. I am going to leave this place. I don’t like pain that much so I decided to just get a flat in London and drink myself to death. I don’t get in anybody’s way, nice a quietly leaving this place. But noo they can’t even fucking let you do that, they have to force you into the presence of humans, have to make you mix I really do detest human, I can’t stand looking at them, listening to all the crap they think is so shocking. There are no nice humans.

You deserve molesting as a child, raping as a pensioner and in-between you deserve cancer

click for biggerNow you would thing someone who believes that would go on a killing spree, take up serial killing, killing just for the fun of it, just to see the faces of the dying, the pleading for life. But no, I don’t I find I little flat and slowly kill myself, I don’t harm anyone, I’m quite a nice chap really. (:

societies little fear of people on their own. I don’t like you society, I don’t like 1 single bit of you.

I worked it out what the gov is doing 5 minutes from the end of the bottom feeders course, on the second day we were threatened with a similar course that would last for 6 week not 2 weeks. I observed the receptionist from “bottom feeder” saying hi to some people from the building next door and they ignored her, not giving her the time of day. That is where the 6 week course is, they put it in the same Holloway ghetto, I have to say that pretty clever I bet after 2 days on the 6 week course everyone gets a job.

Not me though, if they send my on the 6 week course I have decided to stop being unemployed and take up a new career of stabbing, killing and a robbing as a way to procure my suicide weapon of choice. Pushed. </rant>