fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

On the wall of the toilet #

Things I wrote in the walls of the toilet when I was pissed… having a piss:

What is love but death of your choice

It’s getting very bad to be me

you're formed in fathers milk through mothers hole

I can see you, I’ve seen you all

Every day my shit gets blacker and blacker, 1 day I’m going to shit the Devils hidey-hole out of me anal passage

How low can i be ?

Sol 3 Pol. Human

The 1 is 1


Its all ripped apart

What bind have i known

Hello spot !……now your not

Does that mean death in my life?

Wane if you want to

Within the tales of life you are the 1 i hate

He rips the flesh up off my soul and furnish it with bags of coal

Drip your hip i know you care

The texture of the wall paper is in my eye

The 1 is in you

that’s funny as if i knew i needed a piss soon

If i am actually dead, why am i living this life?

If this is it then what now?

Words that mix they fix and trix, your mind is fucked and your mine

Hello child, of death you seek of mine you’ll be

Those who know

1 tick closer to death, thank you

die when you want to, without dreams, without love

my life is warped down to you

U can’t stop my fucking death, so why should i care bout your fucking life

Hello female why are you on the outside of my home?

All you contain is not in me

I have a funny feeling I’ve been here before

I’ll bring it all home

We got to in the air

It is just a little girl, just a little girl

Lust a human, just a human

Oh this beautiful life, to end in fear

I don’t think he cares anymore

I’ll be there

Blood is not my energy, it’s my death

Hello line are you feeling fine??

The blood can’t wait…

Hi Dee Hi Dee whore

Light oh light why are you on when it isn’t night?

I only ever want to move to you my friend

What born of life i live of death

Retune to Earth Software… (R(.T.)E.)

Indeed every day i see passion

Ring a ding a ring!!


you are sad little death obsessed blood monkeys

Buy me lots of bottles of wine and i’ll write with you forever

you the boss

My reality is not feeding well onto itself

Yes i said ITV news

Speed kills but it put a smile on your face when it does

your gong to die, wise 1 and you will never find the love you want

A fear so dreaded you wish you cud climb back into your mothers cunt and curl up to forget the world that was born in your EYES

If morals get in your way don’t use them

My see my love, you see my see, my love you see my,
The devils sortin’ me

Do you fear death or is it that you fear rotting to death

The first draft is usually the best

Fuck nature
Fuck nature
Fuck it to death

Every day i have to be on your earth

Out words, love is not love

Bird oh bird oh fly away, i love the day i love the way

I think the devils is following me, he forms my every sentence a can think

My blood comes out…

Rats feel love to

Nature and i want you dead

Lust and lust for you

If i would kill you i would

Black silk stockings

BASS it out for me man

Blood that drips

On nights i twist and then i fist for you to die i live only that…

1 day my life is over

your gate is that of death and only in your life can you know punishment for your strange mind

The odd 1 out is the 1 i don’t like

Blood leaks out of my arm

Its comin’ down great guns isn’t it?

Oh my blood

All humans must die

I didn’t go to the doctor

Oh it’s all bad

All the time

Must get from my wall love

I missed word my life is lost

I’m not fuckin’ human, i am nature

B on D i feel

what the fuck

fine fuckin mind i have

why do the bird tell me of such beautiful places like a drop of milk that missed the cup and now lies on the side

On your marks, Get set, Die

I eat the toast, i drink my tea, my existence is maintained but to what end?

Oh is the devil fucking in my soul?

Sometimes purity wears a face that makes you scream

I spilt my fuckin drink

But what is a 1 apart from you ? Meeks shall be fortitude.

I’m a strange lad… (: