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a little deviantart story #

well i made friends with the very nice elleXOX from Australia. One day she posted a journal called Zero Tolerance about how !puremyth got banned for complaning in his journal about a racist attack on elleXOX., Who, When, What was all this about ??

i told elleXOX not get to annoyed by the peeps on dA, 90% of them are cunts and you can't let them get to you. In her repley to me she let slip the perpretator of the racism (i think she wanted to let the name slip, HEHE!!). So who was this nice little racist... =DieTotePuppe.

Poped over to see =DieTotePuppe, see if i could cause any... trouble. (: Not much there, but wait a link to her web-site (this is hopeful). Web-site just a blank page with BRB in the center (not like that now, more on that later). View source, no links there so back to her dA user-page. Hang on a second she got a web-cam pic on her user-page. Now you can link to pix on dA to the web-cam pic but it's easier to link to a pic on your own site. So Firefox / right-click on web-cam pic / copy image location, what do you know a link to a folder on her web-site. Poped over there and it's got pix in, so super quick downloaded everything in that folder... HEHE!!

Now what do we have here, well just some pix of her poseing but hold the fort here is a pic of her with her tits out, another of her being homophobic, 2 pix of her desktop (with her IP address and here real name, Nikky) and a screenshot from a racist, homophobic web-site she frequents (even her user-name on that site, oh this girl is soooo owned). Hmmmmm what to do, what to do ?? i had lots of naughty thoughts but ended up making this, Genius!!

Next day =DieTotePuppe's web-site and her journal just said "i quit" (changed now, thinks she's back, hmmm), i think this, oooops i ment =DieTotePuppe didn't like the internet that day, feeling a bit bitten on the hand by the big nasty web, HEHE!! elleXOX and !puremyth happy... (: