fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

landing #

“Hey! does anyone know where it went?” asked New York.
“i have it” said London.
“what’s it doing”
“nothing it’s just hovering over Soho”
“does anyone know where it came from?” asked Paris
“well”, said Tokyo “Moon told me Jupiter said it shot pass it 5 minutes ago”
“moved fast didn’t it…”

“dragon sleeps,,, dragon, dragon sleep… what,,, hiss… why have you awoken me
London?…what do you want???
Have we had this before?
My what a wet day NATURE has given us today….

Where do they come from
From beyond galaxy 3000000000
“From the highest number the people can conceive” said Sun
What is that number?
Why eternity +1 of course.
This is getting scary, oh shit, we don’t want to have to talk to NATURE.
We might have to give in and ask it.
But if we give in we lose the people, henge is nearly gone, pyramid is already gone
We have to give in sometime…
We don’t have to like it…
I’m sacred, its so big..

They are landing, fast now onto Centrepoint. In only one moment they are to be in me. What shall i give them in a message way? If i watch the blood point i can no longer give them thoughts in witch they can be used. They leak now into Soho and the power of that place shall be their only refuse. The BASS response is shit.

Entering into Soho with the freedom to kill what ever you do want, everyone in Soho is free to kill, it’s the right given to you when you enter into that place. Its nether mind in my opinion. They make themselves small, Romanian child prostitute small. They move down the street at smack-head speed. Find a kill, waiting for a killing.