fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

Bottom feeders #

<rant> I suppose when you are on the dole for a long time the gov can see that survive on “no money at all” and that you can do what you want in the day they get annoyed and start to send you on all these “new deal” courses to give you an idea of the misery of the people around you, can't have the people happy.

I am on such a course at the moment with a company called Kennedy Scott, a company who’s soul reason to exist seem to be to feed off the misery of the unemployed i.e. bottom feeders. Who would choose to work in such a company ?

The most miserable dregs of society and this company is there to inflict more misery.Oh and the people there, inbred, gangster wannabes, football queers. Fuck in hell man you should hear the things they say, they are so fuckin’ dumb. If they had to live individually they’d be dead in a week. There are only 3 topics of conversation, 3 fuckin’ topics in their heads:

(1) Football (this footballer is better than that footballer, oh how I wish I was him)

(2) Big Brother (I know you will find this hard to believe but there really are human on the earth who talk to each other about Big Brother, maybe the Muslims have got it right and we should wipe out every fucking human on the planet)

(3) Gangbanging (you fuckin’ know. Drugs this, nigger that, he killed him, I did this to that human. They are just born, rob a few people maybe kill some people, regrettably they spawn then they die and it starts all over with their kids. Rob this kill that fuck this. Born Spawn Kill Die, Born Spawn Kill Die, Born Spawn Kill Die, Born Spawn Kill Die, Born Spawn Kill Die, I really need to get hold of a big gun go in and kill all these fucking humans)

Sit down in front of 1 of them and say “tell me something” and if their brain even manages to understand what you just said I guarantee the first thing out of their mouths will be something pertaining the those 3 topics, Fuckin' guarantee it mate. </rant>