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blogger for word #

<rave> Fuckin' genius mate, I can’t recommend it enough. When I set up this blog went on the net to search for Word plugin blogger ms word couldn’t find it anywhere then one day on the blogger front page “Blogger for Word” <homer>doh!</homer>

Link to “blogger for word” on the right in me links section.

Installed and a toolbar appears in word:
Blogger Setting: slam in your username and password
Open Post: edit posts already posted, fookin’ nice
Publish: errr publish posts

If ya wana add any weird html (the rant and rave tags I put in here) that would blow up word I suggest Blogger Setting / “Preview html before sending” and you can paste the html in there before sending, safe (:
links in word not to bad. Select the word / right click / hyperlink / paste in the address / press ok. bit slower than typing out a link but unless all the text is links it’s not that bad.

However many people dis M$, word is pretty fucking cool, I like the look up thingy. Everybody know how good word is, it sets the standard, Full stop. </rave>