fear of (a) average mind

you are human, no thing you do is wrong

Authority #

Just what is it and how can 1 human have it over another ?
As far as I can tell authority is just a threat of violence (there are more of them than there is of me), when a police person assumes authority over you what they are in affect doing is informing you that they have a lot of human who think like they do behind them and if you don’t conform to their way of thinking they will call upon those likeminded humans and use violence to have you conform.

On the other hand is society an offer of defence against those that would wish the harm you? If you do not conform to our way of thinking we will take away our defence of you, which in a twisted sort of way is a threat of violence.

There really are only two laws you “have” to follow:
You are born
You will die

Everything else, all the society “rules” it would seem don’t matter to anything but that society, if you believe the only thing that exists is society then I suppose you will be very happy.

I once formulated the quote:
“There are only two things that exist, me and nature”
of course I was including my body as part of that word nature

you are born in a “state of nature”, society is a game humans play before they die, all wars, killing, murders is just entertainment, if it wasn’t entertaining we would not do it.

If someone lays their hands on you, send them to the cemetery

i suppose the only thing with real authority over you is nature in that
you can't stop the rot of your cells

on god and authority
who watches the watchmen, I suppose a lot of peeps would say god (is god a self made authority figure) or do the watchmen use god to let the users know that they to are accountable to a higher authority (bush’s pro god stance is a bit sickening)

Muslims use god to kill , state they only answer to it, is it time humankind stop using religion.